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Leah of The Greens Girl Collective

The Greens Girl Co. is a project created by writer, activist and founder of Intersectional Environmentalist – Leah Thomas.

This e-commerce website + resource is dedicated to an intersectional and more equitable approach to the cannabis industry. It features special capsule collection products + accessories done in partnership with Leah's favorite artisans (more to come!), a BIPOC in cannabis directory, and a Cannabis Innovation Grant. 

Our guiding principal is that we believe in cannabis equality + reform for all - not just a select few. We also believe in the power of creativity and that art is revolutionary. 

So - why cannabis equality? 

The cannabis space is notoriously inequitable and even though it's becoming de-stigmatized and legalized in several states, without restorative justice and opportunity for Black, Latinx + Indigenous people - the industry will only continue this painful legacy. There are over 40,000 people in prison for non-violent cannabis “crimes” and while 15.7 million people have been arrested for marijuana offenses in the last decade, over $10.4 billion has been earned in legalized states. Regardless of anyone’s personal preference on the usage of cannabis, the inequity is clear.

The future of cannabis must be intersectional.

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Let’s De-stigmatize, Revitalize
& Reimagine a better future for Black lives.